Electric Operators for Garage Doors

Electric Operators for Garage Doors

It’s not anyone’s idea of fun to battle the elements on a dark, stormy winter’s night, grappling with the keys to open your garage door. Imagine arriving home and at the simple touch of a button, driving straight into your garage without having to leave the comfort of your car. Electric door operators can bring you this touch of luxury at a surprisingly low cost. Choosing to fit one of our operators won’t change your life. But it will make it just a little bit more comfortable.

Arrive home safely, securely … and in style

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GaraMatic 10


Wall consoles and push buttons are extremely practical if you want to operate the door and control different functions from a fixed location without the use of a hand transmitter.

The light beam device provides additional peace of mind to the safety of your garage door.

Should any obstruction interrupt the light beam while the door closes, the operator stops the door immediately and raises it.

Hand transmitters are the most common and very convenient controls. Transferring your operator’s code to additional hand transmitters is easy.