Insulated Side Hinged Garage & Personnel Doors

Insulated Side Hinged Garage & Personnel Doors

Side Hinged doors are simple solid leaves connected to the frame via hinges and therefore have no tracks, rollers, cables or mechanisms. Dorset Garage Doors side hinged garage doors combine traditional appearance and modern design.

Side Hinged Door Benefits

  • Insulated
  • Made to order
  • Safe and secure
  • Custom split
  • Many options and accessories
  • Low maintenance

Bi Fold Side Hinged Doors

Dorset Garage Doors side hinged garage door use double skin steel sections filled with Freon-free PU foam which provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation for your home. We fit our unique extruded aluminium ’h’ section profile which also contains tubular rubber seals giving our doors a perfect all round perimeter seal to the frame.We use high quality stainless steel hinges each equipped with a roller bearing for a smooth opening and closing action.

Side hinged doors are a great choice whether you use your garage as office space, a workshop or simply for storage. Our doors can be designed to replicate existing traditional looking doors which is especially important for conservation areas where new door must maintain an old garage door design.


We make bespoke side hinged garage doors to fit your opening, with maximum opening sizes of 10 feet wide and 8 feet high.

As a standard we manufacture the doors with a 50/50 split but this can be customised depending on your requirement. Side hinged doors can be made with either left or right hand first leaf opening and can open outwards or inwards as required.


Dorset Garage Doors can make our side hinged garage doors in several different layouts…


Although side hinged garage doors are typically designed and made for manual operation we can supply automated side hinged doors. Due to the doors being designed for manual operation we install additional reinforcement plates to connect hinged door conversion kit rods.