Garage Doors

Garage Doors


Sectional Doors

Sectional doors have many advantages over traditional up-and-over doors such as maximising the drive-through width of a garage opening, allowing for close parking inside and out, excellent thermal efficiency and giving greater headroom clearance to accommodate vehicles such as 4×4 and MPVS.

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Up and Over Doors

Up and Over garage doors are timeless in appearance and always up to date. Whether choosing one of the ribbed designs that offer a quiet elegance to blend in with almost any environment, or one of the panelled designs that give a lasting prestige of classical beauty.

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Side Hinged Doors

Traditional side-hinged doors combine robust and reliable performance with simple personal access.

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Roller Doors

Doors open vertically into a compact roll, taking up minimal space in the garage and giving excellent thermal efficiency.

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Electric Operators

Electric door operators can bring you this touch of luxury at a surprisingly low cost. Choosing to fit one of our operators won’t change your life. But it will make it just a little bit more comfortable.

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