Timber Sectional Garage Doors

Timber Sectional Garage Doors


Traditional Timber Boarding

These superb solid timber-effect doors are popular in modern traditional architecture. The foil-coat lends the door an authentic solid timber look while offering all the advantages of a steel garage door. The UV-resistant foil-coat is of superior quality preserving the appearance of the door long-term.

nordic pine

Nordic Pine

Nordic Pine is a light-coloured softwood with predominantly straight graining. Heart shakes, individual resin pockets, spiral graining and the yellowish-brown >>knots<< are natural characteristics of the wood



Hemlock is a greyish white to light-greyish brown softwood with predominantly straight grain, brown mineral stripes grain, brown mineral stripes along the grain and with bark pockets.

exclusive solid timber panels

Exclusive Solid Timber panels

If wood defines the appearance of your property, then this timber panelled door, featuring selected timbers and high-quality joinery, will be the right choice for you.