Roller Garage Doors

Roller Garage Doors

The Garamatic roller door from Garador provides plenty of space in front of and inside the garage. You can drive directly up to the door for parking and the ceiling area of the garage remains available. Made of high-quality corrosion-free aluminum, the Garamatic door profile is equipped with modern Garador operator technology as standard.

The operator is located outside the support bracket for trouble-free maintenance. Start and stop of the Garamatic door are particularly soft and silent, preserving the door. An internal push button and garage illumination are already integrated in the control housing. These doors also offer excellent thermal efficiency.

Mechanical Stop
The mechanical stop between the top lath and the barrel provides security by preventing the door from being lifted.
The soft start and soft stop, our operator provides, contributes to a long service life. Unlike other doors in today’s marketplace, our operator does not limit the number of cycles in a residential application and does not require an additional closing edge safety device.
Our counterbalance springs complement the force limit of the operator, making an additional closing edge safety device redundant. The twin cables and spring-in-spring system also prevent the door from crashing down in the event of a cable or spring failure.
The door comes with windlocks as standard to secure the door in the guide tracks and to enhance protection from unauthorised access.
If required, our GaraRoll is very easy to operate manually. Unlike other doors using a cumbersome handcrank, you can operate our GaraRoll door by hand with no effort because the counterbalanced springs support the opening and closing cycles.

Choose from the GaraRoll colour palette

Traffic White (based on RAL 9016)
White Aluminium (based on RAL 9006)
Jet Black (based on RAL 9005)
Cream (based on RAL 9001)
Terra Brown (based on RAL 8026)
Light Grey (based on RAL 7035)
Anthracite Grey (based on RAL 7016)
Moss Green (based on RAL 6005)
Steel Blue (based on RAL 5011)
Ruby Red (based on RAL 3003)
Light Ivory (based on RAL 1015)

Door Options

Foil-coated timber-effect surface finishes offer the natural appearance of timber whilst retaining all the cost and maintenance advantages of an aluminium door.

GaraRoll PDF-18
Foil-coated timber-effect, Rosewood
GaraRoll PDF-19
Foil-coated timber-effect, Golden Oak